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All in One Interactive Projector:

It integrates 4 functions, which are short-focus projector, computer, interactive whiteboard and speaker to be all-in-one. It’s the most simple and low cost solution for classroom updated to multi-media education. It can be named as “Mobile Class” for realizing interactive function which can be installed in anyone’s classroom or meeting room. Uses high quality of Osram LED Lamp. Exceptional lower power consumption and less heat. Lamp has long life span up to 50 000 hours.
Compatible with both windows and Android System.

Inter-write software allows any surface to be turned into an inter active surface. Comes with a document viewer, a microscope and clickers for assessments.



Various interfaces: support multiplexed output for PC,
multi-channel input for projector.
Touch Panel design, can control PC and projector.
Modular design for PC, convenient for maintenance.
Support multi-writing (Max 64 persons).
PC support 16G max memory, 1TB HD optional.

Content Software inside the All in One Interactive Unit:

  • PowerPoint lessons with visuals, colour, motion and sound for Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Natural Sciences from Phakama Research and Development.
  • Videos for Prescribed practicals.
  • Content notes for Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and Natural Sciences.
  • Power point lessons for mathematics.
  • Work schedules
  • Syllabus.
  • Past Examination Papers.
  • Mind the Gap content
  • Other Content partners.

The mobile unit cuts installation costs to zero. The portability associated with the use allows for decentralised eLearning turning any classroom or wall into interactive teaching and learning environment. The relevance of the use of the unit is that expenditure in heavy security which is normally costly will be circumvented. The fundamental benefit is that prepared lessons and slides can be loaded and recalled during the lessons making the lessons highly interactive.