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Keys to Success

In our past experiences, we have learnt that there must be clear communication amongst all the stakeholders so that everyone will have a clear and written down understanding by the different parties of their roles, responsibilities and the project goals.

Joint planning and coordination with school authorities, Educators and the Department must be carried out adequately in order to ensure that Educator interventions do not clash with DOE programmes and workshops and that the learner interventions are coordinated with school extra- curriculum programmes.

Educators unions, Learners, Parents as well as Educators need to buy in to the programme completely in order to ensure success.

Financial Management  and auditing must be done quarterly to ensure that the Funds are utilized and managed appropriately; Our approach looks at the improvement in both the quality and in quantity there is a very minimal improvement and in order to achieve the indicated objectives, our methodology includes the following:

  1. Scoping exercise
  2. Learner Database System
  3. Learner Baseline Assessments
  4. Learner Needs Analysis
  5. Learner Continuous Assessments and Development of Assessment Tools
  6. Facilitator Support
  7. Learner Intervention Programmes – Supplementary  Activities
  8. Learner revision programmes
  9. Food and transport
  10. Product Development Coordinators (PDCS)
  11. Monitoring and Evaluation
  12. Feedback and Reporting
  13. Funder Audits and Evaluation of Programme by Funder and stakeholders