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The Science Mobile Laboratories

Doing practicals unblocks  the mind and connects learners to all the five senses. It further demystifies the subject making learners love it. Most of our schools are underesourced and are still lacking when it comes to Science Practicals and Experimentation. As a results only theory gets taught affecting their comprehension and attachment to the subject.


Key Features:

  • Conventional size traditional sized equipment
  • Organized into compartments that house bins
  • All equipment, chemicals and apparatus housed in trays.
  • In the case of science kits; separate kits for chemistry and physics are required to fulfill all the curriculum experiments. However with the science trolley, both apparatus and chemicals for Physics and Chemistry are housed in one container.
  • It is designed to move through doors and corridors from one classroom to the other.
  • Scratch free and waterproof surface top
  • Contains a sink
  • Physical configuration CAPS aligned
  • Collaborative, participative and discovery centered lessons
  • Real life apparatus are exposed to learners making transfer of knowledge and practical skills easy when progressing through tertiary learning.


Intermediate Phase Grade 4 to 6 Mobile Lab.
Senior Phase Grade 8 & 9 Mobile Lab.
Life Sciences Grade 10 to 12 Mobile Lab.
Physical Sciences Grade 10 to 12 Mobile Lab.